Sep 14, 2020

Off-grid water treatment plant wins design honours

Off-grid water treatment plant wins design honours

Ampcontrol and Aurecon’s innovative off-grid water treatment solution Gilghi has been awarded a Good Design Awards accolade in the Social Impact category.

The Gilghi water treatment plant is designed for use in remote communities, using a standalone hybrid power supply consisting of solar photovoltaic panels, a back-up diesel generator and battery storage.

“We are incredibly proud to be playing a role in delivering a sustainable water solution to communities in need through the innovative design and advanced technology of Gilghi,” Ampcontrol chief executive officer and managing director Rod Henderson said.

The Good Design Awards jury praised Gilghi, saying: “A great solution and potentially a massive market across the globe. This off-grid containerised water treatment solution has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of people who rely on groundwater for their main water supply. A breakthrough solution that provides remote communities with quality, potable water. This is such a beautiful example of good design that makes our world better.”